dimanche 17 avril 2011

tashelhit: Present Tense

sawal tachelhit

Present Tense
In tašlнit, the present tense normally expresses both habitual and progressive actions.
habitual action: I eat couscous every Friday.
progressive action: I am eating couscous now.
It is difficult to set up rules for the formation of the present tense. It is merely a matter of practice and
use. Generally, a verb in the present consist of “ar”* , which is the present indicator, and the
imperative continuous as it stem. To this construction we add prefixes and suffixes.
* In Ourzazate, the present indicator is “da

to eat cc (š) (infinitive / imperative simple)
keep eating ----------------ctta (imperative continuous)
I am eating---------------- ar cttaɣ
you are eating------------ ar tcttat
he is eating --------------ar ictta
she is eating-------------- ar tctta
we are eating --------------ar nctta
you are eating (m, p)------------- ar tcttam
you are eating (f, p)-------------- ar tcttamt
they are eating (m)----------------- ar cttan
they are eating (f)----------------- <bar cttant

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